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Who is this account for?

At AHT, recipient accounts form the foundation of our services. Established primarily to assist individuals facing financial hardships or unforeseen circumstances, we empower you with tools and access to additional funds and donations.

If you believe you're eligible for a recipient account, please use the form below to reach out and one of our team will assist to have your account up and running in no time.

  • Day to Day Living Aid
  • Financial Hardship
  • Extraordinary Expenses
  • Medical Costs
  • Education & Tuition
  • Debt Management
  • Tragedy Support
  • Therapy Expenses
  • Simchos/Holidays
  • Hachnosas Kalloh
Simplify, Optimise, and

Transform Your Fundraising Efforts

  • Effortless Donations
  • Streamlined Fund Control
  • Easy Access to Funds

At AHT, we're ready to empower you with innovative fundraising and financial solutions, offering efficiency, convenience, and dedicated support.

Services Available with Every Recipient Account

Charity Banking Facilities - A Revolutionary Hub for Fund Management

Unlock the power of centralised fund management with our bespoke charity banking facilities. Each fundraising cause is granted its own bank account, seamlessly integrating into AHT's main system. Your unique six-digit reference ensures every donation reaches its destined account, offering unparalleled efficiency and peace of mind.

Credit Card Donation Processing (Onegiv) - Effortless and State-of-the-Art

- Terminals: Rent our cutting-edge credit card machines, offering the epitome of convenience with easy tap-to-donate functionality.
- Phone: Our dedicated phone lines make donating as simple as a phone call.
- Payment Link: Share your personalized online donation link far and wide, effortlessly collecting contributions with a click.

Direct Debit - Empowering Recurring Contributions

Set up direct debits to effortlessly facilitate ongoing support from your donors, further simplifying your fundraising process.

Voucher Exchange - Exquisite Flexibility in Fundraising 

Transform various types of vouchers into tangible funds within your AHT account. Choose from multiple, effortless submission methods:
- By Post: Safely mail them to our main office.
- Drop-point: Utilize our conveniently located letterboxes.
- In-person: Visit us and exchange vouchers directly.

Spending Cards (Yordex) - Luxurious Access to Your Funds

Experience the luxury of immediate access to your funds with personal debit cards. In partnership with Yordex, we ensure your funds are always at your fingertips. Request multiple cards for each account, ensuring you have the financial flexibility you need, whenever you need it.

Payment Facilities - Tailored and Time-Saving Solutions

Directly instruct AHT for all your payment needs, from handling invoices to executing financial transactions. Our tailored approach saves you time and ensures every financial move is handled with expert precision and care.

Recipient Account FAQ

Absolutely. Anyone demonstrating a genuine need through adequate proof or documentation is eligible to open a recipient account with us.

Initiate the process by submitting an application along with the necessary supporting documents. Approval is typically granted within the same day.

Yes, the cap varies based on individual needs, potentially reaching up to £20,000, provided there is ample proof of need.

Fees range from 0% to 5%, depending on the type of donation received.

While our team is ready to guide you through optimizing your fundraising endeavors, we do not directly engage in your campaign activities.