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Eligible Activities

AHT empowers you with swift fundraising tools for diverse needs, enabling effective support efforts.

  • Public Cause
  • Mosdos
  • Kollel
  • Crowdfunding Campaigns
  • New/Small Charities
  • Community Projects
  • Gabe Tzedokoh
  • YomTov Distributions
  • Matonos Loevyonim Funds
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At AHT, we're ready to empower you with innovative fundraising and financial solutions, offering efficiency, convenience, and dedicated support.

Fundraising Account FAQ

Absolutely. Anyone demonstrating a genuine need through adequate proof or documentation is eligible to open a recipient account with us.

Initiate the process by submitting an application along with the necessary supporting documents. Approval is typically granted within the same day.

Yes, the cap varies based on individual needs, potentially reaching up to £20,000, provided there is ample proof of need.

Fees range from 0% to 5%, depending on the type of donation received.

While our team is ready to guide you through optimizing your fundraising endeavors, we do not directly engage in your campaign activities.